10 Surprising Benefits of Honey in Ayurveda

Honey the Liquid gold.

Honey bees first convert flower nectar and pollen into honey by

process of regurgitation & evaporation , then store it as primary food source

 in wax honey combs inside beehive. Honey flavour will vary based on the type of flower from which pollen and  nectar

was collected by bees

Honey can then be harvested for human consumption. 

Remedy for stomach disorder

Honey is used to treat gastrointestinal infections caused by bacteria.

Honey has exhibited a strong anti oxidant potential and its activity is correlated with colour of honey.Darker colour has higher antioxidant capacity. For this reason our elders suggest to buy older honey.


Honey has cleaning action on wounds and

stimulates tissue regeneration and

reduces inflammation

Honey has shown anti microbial properties.

In Ayurveda

According to sushrut  sanhita.

there are 8 types of honey


2) Bhramara



5) Ardhya.

6) Auddalaka

7) Chatra



Honey is very good for eyes and eye sight (vision), breaks up

hard masses; it quenches thirst, balances kapha


Traditional and ayurveda recipes with honey

Diseases Recipes

1)Indigestion: Ginger juice with honey, Lemon juice with honey with Navaratna kalka,

Roasted cumin seeds powder with bee honey, Roasted cloves powder with bee honey.

2)Peptic ulcers: Paste prepared with Vishnukranti, honey, ghee and sugar

3)Diarrhoea with vomiting:Decoction prepared by Bark of Beli(Bael) (Aegle marmelos) root and internal part of the mango seed with honey

4)Cough:Adathoda (Adulsa)ras with bee honey, Decoction of Adathoda, Badi Kateri (Solanum indicum) roots and

Giloy(Tinospora cordifolia) with honey, Powder of Baheda  (Terminalia bellirica) 10 g mixed with bee honey cure Asthma

and cough immediately

5)Asthma :Most of the rasa preparations “Buddharaja kalka”

 prescribed with juice of Oranges(Citrus aurantium), ginger, honey

and the drug “Svasakuthara rasa” is given with honey

6)Hiccup:Curd with bee honey, Ash of peacock feathers with honey, Rasa preparation “Arogyavardhanavati” with honey

7)Anorexia:Pomegranate juice and rock salt with honey
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